A NJ Shoplifting or Theft Charge Will Impact Your Immigration Status

If you are a visitor, legal or illegal alien, visa holder, permanent resident, a conviction for shoplifting or theft may mean the revocation of your status and or deportation. This rule even applies for permanent residents (green card holders) and all visa holders including B1, F1, H1, H2, J1, J2, etc. Unlike other crimes a Shoplifting or Theft Conviction is considered for immigration purposes one of the worst crimes even though it is nonviolent in nature.

Although any crime for any immigration purposes can lead to deportation Shoplifting and Theft crimes are even more likely to lead to deportation and removal. This is because it violates not just the crime exception but it is also classified as one of the few crimes classified by USCIS as a crime involving bad moral turpitude (CIMT or CMT). Crimes of CMT are generally violent crimes, but the US government determined that shoplifting and theft even though non violent in nature, is still a trait of bad moral character that we don't want present in this country. Thus, a conviction for CMT crimes including shoplifting, theft, murder, rape and domestic violence must be avoided at all costs. If this is not avoided and you get convicted you face the possibility of revocation of your status which can mean jail and deportation. We Can Help by attempting to reduce or downgrade or win the charges filed against you. The latest statistics tell you why you must do your best to avoid a conviction:

In the United States over 2 million people are currently in jail, or are being held in immigration deportation centers. According to the latest available statistics from (ICE) the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Office for Fiscal Year 2022 show that ICE deportation agents carried out 142,750 immigration arrests and 72,177 deportations, increases of 93% and 22%, respectively, compared to the previous fiscal year. The majority 92% had criminal charges pending against them. Since 2008 deportations have increased with criminals now making up the vast majority of deported individuals. Shoplifting is considered a CIMT crime. Thus, subjecting anyone convicted of shoplifting to possible jail, removal - and then deportation even with the Biden/Harris Administration.

According to the ACLU almost 60% of the deported criminals only had a misdemeanor conviction or arrest, 40% had a felony arrest or conviction.

Hiring Attorney Aalsberg for your shoplifting case may mean the difference between being deported, or staying in this country. If you are reading this page you probably have already spent thousands of dollars to come and move to America. You need the Best Shoplifting Lawyer not a cheap shoplifting lawyer. Don't try to save a few thousand dollars on a "cheaper lawyer" you need the best lawyer because even if the judge does not put you in jail the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) may, and then deport you. You need the best protection. Very few lawyers have the experience and knowledge that Attorney Aalsberg has to get you the best result. Why you may ask? Because Attorney Aalsberg is both a Criminal and Immigration lawyer, if your attorney does not know both areas of law you risk getting what may be a good result for your criminal case but a bad result for your immigration case namely deportation or removal. You need a lawyer who can craft a defense for your case which will protect you for both areas because forced removal and deportation can be a worse consequence then the actual shoplifting or theft crime you may be charged with.

Attorney Aalsberg's 98%* Success Rate for Shoplifting and Theft Charges means that we may be able to keep your wish to stay in the United States, out of jail and in status. However, you must remember that just because Attorney Aalsberg has a 98% success rate this is not a guarantee that you will win, but it is at least good to know your dealing with success. Take the first step for success and setup the free in office consultation at 1-800-9-RIGHTS. The in office consultation is free. But the results and piece of mind knowing your protected by Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq. may be priceless to your future.

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