Frequently Asked Questions about Shoplifting and Theft in NJ

WARNING: A lot of information found on the web about Shoplifting or Theft is wrong. In many cases the information you will find is either written by a website developer (not a lawyer) or is simply out of date. All information contained herein was written by Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq.

Answer: Yes, Although by law an employer cannot tell you they are not hiring you because of your shoplifting or theft arrest they can still see it on the public records and use it against you. You can explain an arrest as "the police got the wrong guy" but how will you ever explain a conviction, that is why you must fight your shoplifting or theft charge even if your guilty as the results will be with you for the rest of your life.

In general arrests are recorded by private information companies and you or your employer will have to pay to see this information. All persons convicted of criminal offenses including shoplifting and theft charges can be viewed for free on the State of NJ Website:

Furthermore your arrests for Shoplifting or Theft is noted on your criminal record and is considered a public record that anyone can view including your employer, friends, neighbors or even your family.

Answer: Wrong your conviction for shoplifting or theft can still be used against you and even still be published on the web or in other private databases. Today most employers because of expungments use private criminal databases to check an employee's criminal background and these private databases do not have to delete your criminal history.

Answer: Yes. Nearly half of our clients admit to the store or the police that they have shoplifted or stole an item. No matter what you have told the store or the police we can still help you win or reduce your shoplifting or theft offense. You still have rights. just remember your Miranda warnings, but they are limited.

Answer:Yes. But, do not expect the same result as you probably would have gotten had our attorney had more time to prepare your case. It is not advisable to wait until the last minute to hire a lawyer for any criminal case and shoplifting or theft is no different. But, even if you have waited we could still help you to improve the result! Every hour and every minute is important and some courts only give you a few days to hire a lawyer before mandating your appearance in court. This is because shoplifting and theft offenses are considered serious violations and are generally given top priority on the courts calendar. Due to this fact in most cases we can give you a same day appointment. The consultation is free during our normal business hours, and special appointments can be arranged on nights, weekends, and even holidays for $150.00-$400.00 depending on the day and time. One half of this fee however can be applied to your retainer fee if you hire one of our shoplifting or theft lawyers.

The answer is: it depends! It could be a few thousand, it could be much more; it will depend on the lawyer you choose, the amount of time your case needs and the results that you want, whether you were arrested or simply notified of a pending charge and lastly, whether your case will be set for trial in superior or municipal court. Our Office offers both set fees and hourly fees. The question is how much will it cost you if you do not hire the right shoplifting lawyer and go to jail or get convicted. The results of your case will be felt for the rest of your life in the jobs you qualify for, the apartments you may need to rent and even the places you wish to travel to. That is why its important to get the best possible result for your shoplifting or theft charge today because the sooner we start on your case the more we can do to help!

The answer is No. "Can you win my case" is the most frequent question every shoplifting lawyer is asked. The law is very clear on what the attorney must tell you. A Lawyer by law cannot tell you the result of your case prior to it being determined by the court. It is illegal, and morally improper for a lawyer to tell you that he will win your case prior to going to court, and the judge making his or her decision. However, you can ask a lawyer what is his success rate. Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., has a 98% success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating the penalties a New Jersey Shoplifting Charge can carry. Although each shoplifting case is different, and by law an attorney is prohibited from telling you that he will win your case, our success rate of 98% simply speaks for itself.

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