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Celebrity Shoplifters In The News
Celebrity Shoplifting:  Its not just poor people that shoplift but also the rich and famous. For most people
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August 4, 2010
Former Miss USA Shannon Marketic
crowned on July 7,
1992. She plead guilty to shoplifting less than $50.00 in
Texas. She alleged according to newspaper accounts that the
items had rolled under her pocketbook.
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February 14, 2008
Chinese actress Bai Ling:
 was arrested at Los Angeles
International Airport on charges of shoplifting two magazines and
a package of batteries in March 2008. She was convicted in
March 2008 of disturbing the peace
April 23, 2003
Shelley Morrison of NBC's "Will & Grace"
was arrested on
suspicion of shoplifting at a Los Angeles department store she
was convicted of petty Theft.
December 12, 2001
Winona Ryder
was accused and convicted of Shoplifting from
a Saks Fifth Avenue store she served 3 years of probation and
480 hours of community service after losing at trial.
Farrah Fawcett
was charged and with shoplifting twice that
year and was convicted on two counts of trespassing
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February 9, 2011
Lindsay Lohan,
actress was charged with stealing a necklace.
She plead no contest (a defense not available in NJ Shoplifting
cases) and was sentenced to 120 days in jail and 480 hours
community service.  Due to jail overcrowding she was allowed
to serve here sentence under house arrest.  Please note that
unlike California, New Jersey does not have a problem with jail
overcrowding and any shoplifter sentenced in NJ to Jail will go
to jail.  
Many famous A-List actors and actresses have been caught shoplifting.   Most stores when they realize they have a
celebrity in custody don't press criminal charges an example of this can be seen with the following list: Megan Fox, Tila
Tequila, Brittany Spears and Kristin Cavallari.  However some stores simply don't care and about the press coverage
and have the police press shoplifting charges, see the list below: