Shoplifters Are Not Bad People
A Personal Message from Lawyer H. Scott Aalsberg. Esq.

SHOPLIFTING: also called theft is the most commonly prosecuted
 crime in the United States. Whether you left a store and forgot to pay for
 something or even if a lapse in judgment found you with a stolen item I
 can help you reduce or eliminate the penalties you face.  Your not alone
celebrity's shoplift

 Sometimes in life we do things we later regret. When money is tight and
 you or your family have needs it can push you to do things you normally
 wouldn't even consider. Or maybe you just acted on a impulse or peer
 pressure from a friend.  After the fact it is easy to recognize what
 happened was wrong.  Unfortunately,
without an experienced criminal
 shoplifting defense attorney on your side, the court may simply think you
 did it purposely.   

 Just because you are facing a shoplifting charge, doesn’t mean you
 deserve to be punished harshly and treated like a criminal.  The facts
 are that 1 out of every 48 people who shoplift get caught shoplifting, the
 higher the value of the item stolen the more likely you are to get caught.
 Only approximately 10% of all shoplifters who are caught are arrested and
 charged with shoplifting and given a court date.  It is estimated that the
 average amount shoplifted is under $10.00 but due to the lack of arrest
 statistics on offenses under $10.00, this number can only be estimated.
 Because of my extensive criminal defense experience in shoplifting cases
 I know how to reduce or eliminate the penalties you face.   I will give your
 case the attention it deserves.  My clients travel to my office from as far
 away as California and as close as Jersey City,  NJ.    Let my firm help you
 win or downgrade your case.   Call now for a free consultation , the sooner
 you call the more defenses we can prepare and the more I can do to help.
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