Unlike other so called criminal law firms we are not a
general practice law firm with a part time criminal lawyer.

Because we concentrate our efforts in this area of law we can give
you  the most experienced shoplifting lawyers.    Our high volume
also, allows us to offer you two fees (a lower fee for an associate
lawyer and a higher fee if you choose Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg to
personally handle your shoplifting or theft charge.  In addition, we
can save you money because we never charge a research fee (we
understand that we are the shoplifting experts).
With over 90,000 licensed attorneys in the State of New Jersey many
of them handle only a handful of Criminal and Municipal Court cases
in a lifetime.  We have  handled over 8000 thousands!  Your Lawyer
Can Make A Difference.   Attorney  H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98%
Success rate of winning, reducing or eliminating  the penalties you
may be facing in a shoplifting or theft charge.   We offer a  free initial
consultations so we can evaluate your case and advise you about
your rights and options.  Call today you have nothing to lose!   
You are the only one
who can protect
your legal rights.  
The Police, Courts
and Prosecutor are
not on your side.  
Call 24/7 to set up
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Shoplifting / Theft Law is the same everywhere in the State of
New Jersey thus you want to choose a lawyer not based on
location but based on who is the best shoplifting lawyer:
Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg Esq., has a 98% success rate of winning,
reducing or eliminating the penalties of a NJ shoplifting or theft offense.  
It is well worth traveling an hour or two to find the right lawyer to get the
best result for your case

Check out the years in practice of your lawyer:
Each Lawyer in our office has a minimum of 10 years of experience as a
lawyer and our managing attorney H. Scott Aalsberg, Esq., has
25 years
of experience.

Check on Yahoo or Google for reviews of the law firm you are
Just like you would check out the reviews of new car you should also
check out the reviews of law firm you intend to use for your case.  The
reviews for our office are
simply unmatched for clients who have used
our firm

Check on Yahoo or Google the name of the law firm for the areas
of  practice the law firm handles.  If the firm has a nice website for
shoplifting do they also have a nice website for injuries and
accidents or divorce?
 Do this by simply entering in the search box the
name of the firm.  All of the websites for the firm will then appear.  Look
down the list and click on a few.  Unlike other firms, you will not find
another website for our firm showing that we handle anything but
Criminal and Municipal Court matters.  A jack of all trades is a master of
none.  Attorney H. Scott Aalsberg has a 98% success rate because he
works in court only with criminal and traffic ticket matters.  
"The Shoplifters Attorney"
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How To Choose A Shoplifting Lawyer:
A Shoplifting or Theft Conviction will change your life forever.  It
may render your education useless, ruin your chances of getting a
good job and even increase the costs of many of life's expenses
from renting an apartment to increasing your insurance rates.  
Below we have put together a checklist to determine how to find
the right shoplifting lawyer for you.

 Still Haven't Called Our Office: Consider These 3 Final Reasons:

 1) Once you choose your attorney and your  trial starts, you will not have the opportunity to go back in time
      and choose another attorney.  If you are found guilty you will have to live with the penalties of a
      conviction for the rest of your life.   

 2) In a shoplifting case you have the right to one appeal.  However, the national statistics show that the
     chances of winning on appeal is less than 5% so choosing the right lawyer the first time is a must.

 3) A shoplifting lawyer must know the shoplifting law, but should also know the court personnel, judge and
     store.  Not knowing the right  people who are influential in your case may mean the difference  between
     winning and losing your case.  Unlike other law firms our shoplifting attorneys have worked with all the
     major chain stores and every court in the State of New Jersey.
Why Should You Choose Our Firm to Handle your NJ Shoplifting or
Theft Charge:  Your Freedom and Future are at stake!