New Jersey is the toughest States for 1st time

Although, some states like California may have tougher
sentencing provisions for third time shoplifting offenders,
New Jersey has taken the approach of implementing tough
sentences for 1st time offenders in hopes of preventing a
second or third arrest.
 If you plead or are found guilty to any
shoplifting charge in New Jersey either in municipal or
superior court you will be subject to the following penalties:
(No Exceptions)

1. You will have a criminal record:  A Criminal record may
prevent you from finding employment, seeking financial aid,
buying a house, renting an apartment, or even traveling
outside the country.

2. You may go to Jail even for the first offense:  (no matter
how small a sum you shoplift the judge can order you to go
to jail even for a first offense statistics show that 1% of the
population of the U.S. has been in jail)

3. You will have to pay Fines and Court Costs.

4. You may be sentenced to a term of probation for any
shoplifting charge:  If sentenced to probation you will have
to submit to random drug and urine testing and can be
prohibited from traveling outside the state or country.

5. You will be required to give a DNA sample: For shoplifting
charges over $200.00 heard in the Superiorl Court if
convicted, you will be required to pay for and provide a DNA
sample, which will be kept on file for use by law

6. You must pay restitution: if the court finds the victim
(store) who has suffered a loss. (example the clothing was
damaged by removing a tag you will have to pay the full
retail value of the item not the sale price)

7. You may lose your job: If you are a public employee of a
government agency, school teacher,office holder or
licensed professional such as a nurse, doctor or lawyer,
you can be required to forfeit your job or professional

8. If you are an immigrant or visitor you may be jailed or
deported: If you are not a United States citizen or national,
you may be jailed and deported by virtue of your plea of

10. You may be sued by the store: You can be sued by the
store for the stores cost of defending the shoplifting case.
(this can be as little as $150.00 or up to several thousand

11. You will be required to do Community Service.

12. Additional penalties are commonly ordered by the
Judge:  some common orders include:  You are not to shop
at a certain store, you are not to shop at any malls, etc.

13. Increased Insurance Costs: for homeowners, apartment,
life insurance and car insurance for the rest of your life with
many insurance companies refusing to insure you due to
the fact that you are considered a "poor moral hazard." The
increased cost for insurance over the next 5 years can
easily pay for the cost of representation many times over.  
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